Dr. Sarah's 1010 Lab 2

Computer Designator

To satisfy the computer designator on MAT 1010, we will learn effective use of the web, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. By the end of the second lab, you will have seen and used aspects of all three of these programs. We will spend the rest of the semester learning about other features, especially concentrating on web searching techniques.

Writing Designator

To satisfy the writing designator on MAT 1010, as mandated for any writing designated class, you will be assigned a significant amount of writing in this class. There will be three major writing assignments (Part 2 of Ben Franklin will be the first) and all of your lab grades will be based on how many questions you answered correctly and completely, and the clarity and depth of your writing and explanations, so take your time to think carefully and discuss the issues in your group before writing down an answer and be sure to write in complete sentences! You may always attach extra pages if you need more room for explanation. Even if there had not been a writing designator on MAT 1010, we still would have done some writing in this class, because explaining your ideas to others is an important part of mathematics and is also one of the best ways to improve your understanding of the material.

General Advice

Much of your success in this course depends on you carefully listening to and taking notes on what I say, carefully following directions, engaging the material, and practicing on your own. You can obtain a passing grade in this class by satisfactorily completing your work and missing no more than 8 credit hours of class. Most people who do so will receive an A, B, or C in the course. To obtain an A in this class, you must demonstrate deep understanding of the material. Since the class meets for 5 hours per week and satisfies 3 designators, you should expect to work hard, and put in the necessary time outside of class in order to complete homework and assignments on time (compared to a 3 hour course with no designators you will probably spend significantly more time on this class). You will find that I will also work hard to help you succeed.

Part 1 - Class Web Pages and WebCT

  • Take out the Review of lab 1 basics handout, which you received during the first lab.
  • Remind yourself how to get to the class web pages using NETSCAPE (for example, this is on the Review of lab 1 Basics handout, which is also available on the web).
  • Logon to WebCT and click on the MAT_1010_105 link.
  • Click on grades and tracking info
  • Click on grades and make sure that your quiz 1 total grade is at least 90% (recall that quiz 1 total = 10% quiz 1 + 90% (HIGHEST of your quiz 1 retakes and that you have to take the retakes at least once (for learning reinforcement) even if you scored a perfect score on the quiz in lab).
  • Quiz 1 retakes are due just before midnight tonight, so there is still time to do them (possibly at the END of lab or definitely after class). Do not work on this until you have finished the rest of lab.
  • Click on the WebCT home link, and then click on the Tracking Participation link. Dr. Sarah (and you) can track your WebCt participation - how many discussion articles you have read or posted (recall that you are supposed to read them at least twice a week)...
  • Click on the WebCt home link, and then click on the Bulletin Board link.
  • Change the Select Topic to All to see any NEW messages that you have, and read them.
  • Click on the WebCt home link, and click on the Dr. Sarah's 1010 page link.

    Part 2 - Ben Franklin Part 1

    From the main class web page, click on the Ben Franklin Part 1 link. In addition, take out the handout (same as the web page) that I gave you last week, and find one person to work with. You will turn in one completed lab per group before the end of lab, but you both should answer the questions on your handouts.

    Part 3 - Jane and Joan

    Work on the Jane and Joan sheet and turn this in before the end of lab. You may work with someone else, but each person must complete and turn in their own sheet, and your explanations need to be in your own words.

    Part 4 - Wile Revisions or Quiz 1 Retakes

    If you have completed and turned in the above, then you may work on Wile revisions, quiz 1 retakes or Ben Franklin part 2. You may also choose to work on these elsewhere. Aside from these three things, due at various times, there is no other homework for tomorrow. You may also ask me any questions you have about anything in this course. Be sure to turn in the written homework due today - book and web based problems from Thursday, Ben Franklin part 1 and Jane and Joan.