• Read and take notes on aspects related to Theme 1: Collecting Data and the Role of Chance and Probability
    Theme 2: Predictors
    Theme 3: Boxplots
    Heart of Mathematics p. 678 first paragraph on box and whisker plot
    Heart of Mathematics p. 645-651 and 654-661 Stumbling Through a Minefield of Data
    How Do You Know? ASULearn reading (centers and box plots).
  • Use the following lo, q1, median, q3, and hi to sketch three boxplots on the same graph for these Nielsen ratings points (that roughly represent the percentage of households tuned in).
    ABC [13.5, 14.4, 16.6, 17.2, 20.2]
    CBS [13.1, 15.5, 16.35, 17.3, 21.9]
    NBC [13.1, 13.6, 14.5, 15.0, 17.6]
    Which network does the best? The worst? Can you say something positive about each network using the boxplots? Explain.

  • (To turn in) p. 662 #4 and either #15 or #18 (so you will have 4 and 15, or 4 and 18)

  • If you have not done so already, then print out a copy of your stock graph - just the graph, not the data - and bring it to all statistics segment classes and labs [we'll reuse the data in lab]