• Read and take notes on aspects related to Theme 1: Collecting Data and the Role of Chance and Probability
    Theme 2: Predictors
    within Heart of Mathematics
    p. 591-593 Are Coincidences as Truly Amazing as They First Appear?
    p. 712-722 Making Inferences from Data
  • (To turn in) 9.4 starting on p. 727: 1, 2, 12 [Hint: first what is the percentage you expect the interval will NOT contain the voter preferences? Then apply that percentage to 50],
    and 22 [Hint: solve for n so that 1/sqrt(n) = 2%]
  • Here's an application of all we've been reading and discussing. In articles on the impact of young voters in the 2008 Presidential election the authors have opposite conclusions about the same election. Critique the articles (pros and cons). Informal bullet points are fine.

  • Finish the lab if you didn't already.