Lab Directions

As part of your hw for today, you skimmed How Do You Know p. 190-201 for the major ideas. Your reading will help you with today's lab. Do the following in the order listed:
  1. Turn in your hw now - How do you know p. 186 #14
  2. We will begin by continuing our discussion of linear regression lines and predictions.
  3. Linear Regression lab - skip the WORTH MOREs until later.
  4. Read through the egg bungee lab which is a link accessible from the class highlights page on the web. We will come back together as a class later to do the lab.
  5. Finish up the remainder of the questions on the paper version of the WebCt quiz.
  6. Finish up the "Worth More" questions on the labs.
  7. Work on anything else mentioned here. You may or may not have time to take the first try of the WebCT quiz at the end of lab today.
Date     WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted!
Mar 21 - Thur
  1. WebCT quiz 4 due by 9am
  2. Test 2 on Statistics

Mar 19 - Tues
  • Study for Statistics test by reviewing WebCT quiz 4 (be sure that you really understand each and every problem and solution, ie that you really understand WHY each answer is correct or incorrect) and the review sheet material.
Mar 18 - Mon
  1. Bring your calendar to lab, especially if you must miss any class between April 4 and April 11th and think about who you might want to work with on the next major project (groups of 2).
  2. Consider that the last day to drop the course is Monday March 25th. Re-examine the attendance policy and evaluate your success in this course with the help of your test revisions grades assignment and tell me if you are considering dropping BEFORE you are assigned a topic for the next segment in lab.

Mar 8 - Fri
  • Monday's lab is due.

Mar 7 - Thur
  1. Summary of Heart of Math p. 601-610 (Navigating through a sea of data: How Interpreting Data Reveals Surprising and Unintended Results)
  2. How Do You Know p. 209 number 12