Mental Rotations Test (MRT)- Practice Only

The Mental Rotations Test has shown gender differences. In many studies, men perform better on this test. We are going to collect class data on MRT test performance and analyze it later.

Here is an example of a mental rotation intellectual task.
Examine the figure on left (1), and the other figures (  a), b), c) and d)  ) as shown below:

          1                        a)               b)               c)                d)

Which two of the 4 alternatives (a, b, c and d) could be rotated in 3-space to match up with 1? Ie, if you were handed these shapes, which two of the 4 could you move around to match up with 1? You need to choose 2 from among a, b, c, and d. Which would you chose?

You want to choose 2 of the 4 - choose that ones that can be rotated in 3-space to match up exactly with 1 and enter your answer in ASULearn