• Read and take notes on aspects related to Theme 1: Collecting Data and the Role of Chance and Probability
    Theme 2: Predictors
    Theme 3: Boxplots
    within Heart of Mathematics
    p. 734-735 and 738-745 Statistics Throughout our Lives
    p. 776-788 Deciding Personal and Public Policy
    p. 53-55, the chart on p. 56, and p. 61 Numerical Patterns in Nature
  • (To turn in)
    p. 755 # 15 [Hint: you can review our class slides
    p. 789 #4 [Hint: price of a life: cost per injection x number of shots to save a life from the entire population].

  • Here is a second application of all we've been reading and discussing. Critique the following article (pros and cons). Informal bullet points are fine here: Exposure to letters A or F can affect test performance