1. Read MSFT conflicting graph viewpoints and notice how local to global timeframes come into play. If you have any questions, write them down.

  2. Go to finance.yahoo.com, enter your stock symbol, and then hit the Search key. On the graph, click on the "Max" time frame to obtain the global view of your stock. Roughly sketch the shape of the daily price.

  3. Compare the beginning price on the left to the price now on the right. Which is larger---did your stock gain money, lose money, or stay about the same?

  4. You will need the full page printout of last Monday's stock graph (which has both the bar chart for volume, with the numbers on the left, and the boxplots for prices on the right), so bring this with you.

  5. You will need access to the Excel file you used to create it (in this and upcoming labs).

  6. Begin working on the hw for Tuesday.