• Read and take notes on aspects related to Theme 1: Collecting Data and the Role of Chance and Probability
    Theme 2: Predictors
    Heart of Mathematics p. 594 (How to Get Rich Quick as a Stock Whiz),
    Heart of Mathematics p. 674-677 (Measures of Center and Five-Number Summaries), and
    How Do You Know? ASULearn reading (History of Statistics, Census, Sampling and Random Sampling).
  • Discuss the pros and cons of choosing among the mean, median and mode (the most frequently occurring number in the data) as the measure of center for the following situations: a) A local pediatrician wants to be able to tell new parents the typical waiting time for patients in her waiting room.
    b) A hair-color manufacturer wants to add new colors to its line, and has collected data on preferred hair-color, the choices being 1 = blondes, 2 = reds, 3 = brunettes, 4 = blue- blacks.
    c) A Realtor wants to advertise how inexpensive it is to live in a particular suburb.
  • Complete Heart of Mathematics p. 689 #22 and p. 690 #25

  • Bring your Stock Graph to class and finish the lab if you didn't already.