Collecting Data

Collecting Data

We spent the first part of the course on some of the masterpieces of mathematics and the mathematicians who worked on them. One comment from past evaluations: Geometry of the Earth and Universe helped me look at the world differently, while What is a Mathematician? helped me to view myself and my math anxiety differently.
In the process, we have learned some creative inquiry techniques. In the financial math and statistics segments, we apply these methods of thought to practical issues and decision making.

Statistics, the next part of our course, involves the analysis of data. In statistics, we will use real-life data that is relevant to us as much as possible. There are many places from which we can collect interesting data - the web (stocks), our class (the sheet you began filling out for homework), and even nature.
    Stock Market Data Collection
  1. Copy your stock symbols and names from your homework onto the stock market sheet. Work on the Stock Market Sheet but stop when you get to Update #1 and move on to the class data collection as listed below.

    Class Data Collection
  2. Take out the class data collection sheet and fill in the remaining parts except the MRT, which we will complete together.

  3. Begin working on
    and answer the questions on a sheet of paper

    Additional Activities for Remaining Lab Time
  4. If you are waiting for us to come back together as a class, work on homework (see the main web page) and examine upcoming links, like the Ben Franklin project.