1. Research to find a few short quotations about what mathematics is, and write down the quotations and the names of the people they are attributed to.
  2. Read through the last 2 major assignments: project 4 and the final research presentations and write down any questions you have
  3. Read through the following 4 readings
    1. Creative Inquiry Lessons for Life
    2. Quantitative Literacy
    3. Adding up Fuzzy Math: Teaching the Basics.
    4. What is Mathematics Quotations and Readings [on ASULearn]
    Take notes on these readings--informal bullet points or highlighting is fine-- to detail instances related to each of the themes of
    1. what mathematics is
    2. what it has to offer and why it is useful
    3. the diverse ways that people succeed in it and impact it
    4. local to global theme
    5. truth and consequences theme