Dr. Sarah's Statistics on the Web lab

For each of the following sites, you will explore the presentation and underlying statistics. Your typed writeup, for each site, will look something like:
  • web address of site
  • description of web presentation (ie what you see)
  • actual statistical experiment (ie what are the real statistics that are involved?)
  • critique of effectiveness of presentation of the actual statistics including any false or misleading impressions resulting from the presentation.
  • discussion of possible biases in the experiment.
    For 7), include a copy of your web printout.

    1)USA Today' Statistics Snapshot Using the edit, find in page, search for "statistics" on this page

    2) Life Expectancy

    3) Boundaries of the States within the U.S.

    4) Ratio of Males to Females in the U.S.

    5) Population in the U.S. by Age and Sex

    6) Old Faithful interactive histogram and data set

    7)Using Altavista or some other search engine, find a new web site which contains some presentation animation, pictures, or chart) of statistical data or a poll.PRINT A COPY OF THIS WEB SITE. Suggestions: Try searching for things of interest to you which involve historical data, a census, sample or poll.