Adapted from a lab by Greg Rhoads

The California Wine Growers Association held a wine quality contest. They accepted entries from the entire state and gave individual prizes, but they also decided to give prizes for the regions with the best wine. They divided the state into three regions: North, Napa, and Central and collected the data from the individual entries. This data is contained in the file wine.mtw They wish to give prizes to each region with the best Aroma, Flavor, and Quality and they have hired you to decide who gets the prizes. The association wishes to give the prize to the region that has the best overall characteristic rather than a region that has one wine with high marks and the rest with low marks. For their own information, they also wish to determine which of the factors: clarity, aroma, body, flavor, and oakiness is the best predictor of the quality.


The judges gave marks for the individual wines. The data file is set up as follows:


The regions are 1 - North, 2 - Central, 3 - Napa

Open Minitab 10.5 from the apple menu, under Math1010Apps.

Open Worksheet from the File menu, then open the wine.mtw from the Places/Applications HD/Applications/Minitab/data directory .

Prizes Explore the graphical representation that would be best for awarding each prize: mean, median, mode, histograms, side-by-side boxplots, or other minitab graphs. The association would like to be convinced that one region deserves the prize over the others. Copy and paste the graphs you decided were best into your report. You should give your prize recommendations. Explain who is first, second, and third and justify your ranking from your graphs in a way that the association can understand.

Predictor of Quality Use linear regression to answer this question. Paste your graphs into Word, and also note the r^2 value. Then answer their questions concerning the predictability of quality and explain the equation and the r-squared value. Give an example of using your line to make a prediction and explain how good you expect the prediction to be.

Use the checklist as a guideline