Mat 2130 Maple (Due Monday by 7pm)

Counts as a quiz grade. I encourage you to ask me questions if you are stuck.

You must turn in a printout of your work.

At the beginning of a Maple document, type your name into text comments.

Revisit section 12.1 in Maple. For each of the following, provide Maple commands, a plot, and a brief English description (in Maple text comments). Be sure to label the problem numbers in your Maple document (as text comments).

12.1 numbers 1, 2, 3, 24, 25, 26, 27

How does the general paraboloid z = a*x2 + b*y2 differ when the constants a and b are changed? Ie what do the coefficients of the quadratic terms control in terms of the shape of the paraboloid. Answer this by plotting some well chosen examples for both positive and negative coefficients, and explaining your results in text comments.