Lamp Modules Philosophy and Questions

Using computers and appropriate softward can provide highly effective tools for promoting active learning, which leads to a deeper understanding of the concepts. At the same time, this approach should help you develop confidence in your ability to read, use, and then communicate linear algebra to others.

Linear algebra has been designated a computer intensive course, and we will be using Maple along with Lamp in order to satisfy this designator. During some parts of the class, the class will meet in the computer lab so that you can work through the Lamp modules on line. Complete solutions for all exercises that appear in the modules are provided in viewable sections so that you can get immediate feedback and monitor your progress in understanding the material. Dr. Sarah will circulate to answer questions and engage in brief discussions. For each Lamp demo that we complete, be sure to answer the following questions on a piece of paper so that you are prepared to share your answers with the rest of the class.

  1. Is there anything that surprised you about this demo? If so then explain.
  2. Is there anything about this demo that confused you? If so then note which part.
  3. What are the most important examples in this demo? Next to each such example (list the equations, matrix, or relevant details), be sure to explain what they illustrated that you found important or interesting.
  4. Other comments?