Dr. Sarah's Linear Algebra Tentative Calendar Page - Fall 2022

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  • syllabus and grading policies
  • What is Due When?
    Date ▢ work is due by 9:50am

    Linear Systems of Matrix and Vector Equations

    25 Aug - Thur ▢ 2240 interactive video slides, interactions
    ▢ download or access Maple (free) and open the program
    ▢ access the e-text
    ▢ 1.1 read Linear Algebra and its Applications
    ▢ 1.1 interactive video slides, Maple, Desmos, interactions
    ▢ 1.1 practice quiz
    ▢ syllabus
    class: 1.1 handwrite,   additional activities
    23 Aug - Tues class: course and module 1 overview,   active learning handwrite and handout

    Vicky Klima and I thank Appalachian's Center for Academic Excellence for their help as we created our original version of the course with the support of an online course development grant.