Purchasing Maple 9 at a Discounted Price

Students who wish to purchase a copy of the Maple 9.5 Student Edition can do so for the reduced price of $75.00 US (plus applicable shipping charges and taxes):
Web Address: http://webstore.maplesoft.com
Promotion Code: AD1160

Installing Lamp on your Home Computer

If you have installed Lamp at home, from the CD that came with your Lamp book, try typing

If you see something like
> with(Lamp):
Error, invalid input: with expects its 1st argument, pname, to be of type {package, module}, but received Lamp

then this means that Maple doesn't know where to find the Lamp programs.

If you are using Maple 7, then follow the directions on http://www.awlonline.com/lamp/dl.htm

If you are using Maple 8 or Maple 9 You'll need to know where the lamp 6 folder is located on your Hard Drive and tell that to Maple each time you want to use Lamp.

  • Some examples on PCs:
    libname:= libname, "c:\\lamp6\\lamplib\\":
    libname:=libname,"W:\\Company\\Waterloo Maple\\Maple 7\\lamp6\\lamplib";
  • Some examples on Macs (OS X)
    libname:="/lamp6/lamplib", libname:
    libname:="/Applications/lamp6/lamplib", libname:

    Then you can do with(LinearAlgebra): with(plots): with(Lamp): Do NOT use the restart command. The libname command tells the computer where to find Lamp, and the with(Lamp): command tells it to execute that program. Hence, you'll have to remove the restart command from Lamp module demos. Ie instead of executing

    > restart: with(LinearAlgebra): with(plots): with(Lamp): UseHardwareFloats := false: Digits := 6:

    at the beginning of a demo, you will remove the restart command and put in the libname command.

    > libname:="/Applications/lamp6/lamplib", libname: with(LinearAlgebra): with(plots): with(Lamp): UseHardwareFloats := false: Digits := 6:
    Warning, the name changecoords has been redefined

    Note: Some Lamp commands don't work in Maple 9, such as Drawlines.

    Creating a Maple Initialization File in Maple 8 or 9 Instead of typing in that libname command over and over, you can create an initialization file to do the work for you.

    In Mac OS X, in your home directory (sjg for me), create a text file that has the library command in it, and save this file as .mapleinit Then, each time Maple 9 starts, it executes the libname command for you automatically. I'm not sure how to do this on a PC for Maple 8 or 9 (I have no way to test this out), but something similar should work.