Tape all components of your project up, including the annotated bibliography. During your session, you must stand by your project, to present your project to classmates and answer their questions. During the other session, you will talk to others about their research and fill out peer review. By the end of class, turn in your project components and peer review and self evaluation, and test revisions.
Alex: Eight queens [session 2]
Anthony and Rey: Mineral equilibria [One in each session]
Jay: Fox/rabbits [session 1]
Cameron and Joon: Area triangle [One in each session]
Chris: [session 2]
Colin: Thermister calibration [session 1]
Dan: [session 2]
David: Balancing chemical equations [session 2]
Dylan: Hill cipher [session 2]
Hannah, Max and Molly: Website [Hannah and Max in 1, Molly 2]
Hugh: Fault dislocations [session 1]
James: Eigenvectors [session 2]
Jeremy: NFL ratings [session 1]
Kevin A: Input/Output models [session 1]
Kevin C: Computer graphics [session 2]
Kevin P: Images [session 1]
Michelle: Double entry accounting [session 2]
Nic: Expando graphs [session 1]
Patric: Hill cipher [session 1]
Ronnie: Markov chains and actuarial sciences [session 2]
Ryan: Chemical equations [session 1]
Stephen: Hiding images [session 2]
Tori: Epidemiology [session 2]
Tyler: Determinant [session 1]
Peer Review: The depth of peer review is more important than getting to everyone who is not in your research session.
  1. Name of the person and the topic
  2. List the topics from class that relate
  3. Give suggestions for improvement on part 1 (the review of related class material)
  4. List a few strengths of the project
  5. Give suggestions for improvement on the presentation or other portions of the project
  6. All content appears to be original or citated in the annotated references
    [2 = definitely, 1 = could use some improvement, 0 = major improvement needed here]
  7. How much time and effort does it look like they put into their work, as compared to your own effort? [2 = more than me, 1 = about the same as me, 0 = less than me]
  8. What did you learn?
  9. Invent a question about the project. List the question and the person's answer.
Neighbors: During your research session, if you are waiting for someone to come hear you, then listen to your neighbors and do a partial peer review of their project.
Self Evaluation: Answer the following after you have presented your project:
  1. Your name and topic
  2. What would you have improved about your project?
  3. What did you feel went well?
Final Grades: I won't have time to update ASULearn - your grades will be available at the registrar's office by next Monday. Since exams are 45% and problem sets are 30% you can already have a good idea of what your grade will be (participation 10% and this project 15%). I've enjoyed working with you this semester! Have a great summer...