Problem Set 1

See the Guidelines and the Maple Commands and Hints for Problem Set 1. I will post on ASULearn answers to select questions I receive via messaging or in office hours.

Problem 1:  1.1 #18 using
a) by-hand Gaussian and
b) implicitplot3d in Maple

Problem 2:  1.1 #24 part a)
As will ALWAYS be the directions for true-false questions: if the statement is true, then you must find a general reason why this is so (ie a specific example will not do, but a theorem and page number from the book will suffice). If a statement is false, then you must find a specific instance when it is false or explain in detail why it does not always hold. It is not sufficient to state that a statement is false because it looks slightly different from a statement in the book (as this doesn't show why both statements can't always be true). Generally you must produce one example, with specific numbers, where the statement fails. Often you will find that counterexamples are similar to the practice problems.

Problem 3:  1.2 #14

Problem 4:  1.2 #20 (all parts) using GaussianElimination(M) in Maple and then reason from there

Problem 5:  1.2 #30

Problem 6:  1.2 #32 using the numerical note on page 20

Problem 7:  1.5 #6