History of Math Timeline Assignment

This assignment is to make a timeline of the history of either one of the topics listed below or a topic of your choosing (must be approved by one of the instructors). The goal is to provide as complete as possible a listing of the major discoveries or ideas in the mathematical topic you've chosen and present the listing in an attractive display in Microsoft Word or other computer software program that can be exported to the web.

Possible topics are: History of e, History of Pi, History of Complex Numbers, History of the Golden Ratio, History of the harmonic series, History of Quadratic Equations, History of Cubic Equations, History of the Pythagorean Theorem, History of the Fibonacci Sequence, History of the Circumference of the Earth, History of Fermat's Last Theorem, History of Goldbach Conjecture, History of Zero, History of Negative Numbers, History of Longitude Problem, History of African-Americans in Mathematics, History of Women in Mathematics, or other topics which are approved by either Dr. Rhoads or Dr. Sarah.

Your timeline should indicate the major occurrences. You should use many different sources (to try to get as much information as possible) and submit a bibliography of all of the sources you used. Your grade will reflect your effort and the appropriateness of the topic for your level. Advanced students should choose a topic which requires significant mathematics background.

Post your timeline and bibliography on the WebCT bulletin board by Thursday February 20. Hand in a paper printout of your timeline and bibliography by by 5:00 p.m. to either Dr. Sarah or Dr. Rhoads.