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  • Class Highlights-Day by day.
  • Assignments
  • Dr. Sarah's Schedule
  • Dr. Sarah's Maple Demos and Web Pages
  • Proof-Writing Checklist
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • MathFest 2000 talk


  • Problem Set 1 (Minesweeper and Set Theoretic Proofs) Due Friday Jan 21st at 5pm. Rev 1 due Fri Jan 28th at 5pm, Final Revs due Fri Feb 5 at 5pm
  • Bio Life and Work Summary Due Wed Jan 26th at 5pm.
  • Problem Set 2 (Functions) Due Mon Feb 7 at 5pm, Rev 1 due Thursday Feb 17 at 5pm, Final Rev due Mon Feb 28 at 5pm.
  • Problem Set 3 on Negations due Mon Feb 14 at 5pm. Final Rev due Thur Feb 24 at 5pm.
  • Problem Set 4 on Number Theory due Tues Feb 22 at 5pm. Final Rev due Wed March 2 in class.
  • Test 1 on PS 1-4 material, Lagrange, Abel and Germain presentations Fri March 4
  • Problem Set 5 on Modular Arithmetic and Induction final draft due Fri March 24
  • WebCT quiz on Test 1 material Fri March 24 (grade is the highest grade)
  • Test 2 Fri March 31 on WebCT on negations, induction, modular arithmetic. Go over Maple demo Modular Arithmetic and demo on Sophie Germain's Work, PS 5, horses proof, and student solutions to logical statements. Test will have one long answer induction proof. Rest of test will be matching (say proofs to statement or bios or whatever) and multiple choice. Revision due Mon April 3 at 11pm. (grade is average of the grades) Final Revision due Fri April 7 at 11pm.
  • Problem Set 6 on Groups first draft due Tues April 4 at 5pm, 2nd draft due Monday April 10 at 5pm, final revision due Wed April 19 at 5pm. Extra Credit due Mon, May 1.
  • Quiz 2 Fri April 7 on Groups on WebCT (bios and math on Browne, Kronecker, Gauss, and Sylow, and the definition of a group)
  • Quiz 3 Fri April 14 on Groups and Rings on WebCT (bios and math Browne, Kronecker, Gauss, Sylow and Hamilton, definitions of group and ring, examples)
  • Quiz 4 Fri April 21 on groups, rings, fields and integral domains
  • Problem Set 7 on Rings, Integral Domains and Fields draft 1 due Wed April 26, Final draft due thur May 4.
  • Quiz 5 Fri april 28 on algebraic structures

  • Final Exam Tuesday April 9 from 3-5.

    Dr. Sarah's Maple Demos and Web Pages

  • Dr. Sarah's Modular Arithmetic Maple Demo
  • Dr. Sarah's web page and Maple demo on the solution of the quadratic, cubic, quartic and quintic by radicals
  • Dr. Sarah's Maple Demo on 1-1 and Onto Functions
  • Dr. Sarah's Maple Demo on Sophie Germain's work on Fermat's Last Theorem using Modular Arithmetic.
  • Dr. Sarah's Maple Demo on the application of direct products of cyclic groups to data security
  • Dr. Sarah's Maple Demo on Quaternions

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