Maple Release 5 - Differential Equations- Math 3130

EXTRA CREDIT - Extra Credit will be granted to those who find errors in a Maple command within any Maple Worksheet (text errors/spelling... don't count). You can e-mail or post to the newsgroup for extra credit. One extra credit per error (whoever is first).

Final Projects

  • David and Alicia's Final Project
    Optional Extra Stuff
  • Brian and Dan's Final Project
  • Melissa and Amy's Final Project
  • Scott and Joey's Final Project
  • Sherri and Mindy's Final Project
  • Dan C and James Final Project
  • Ken and Rich Final Project

    Dr. Sarah's Maple Demos

    Demo 1 Wed, January 13th
    Demo 2 on y'=y^2-4, Wed, January 20th
    Demo 3 on exact d.e.s, Wed, January 27th
    Demo4 on Newton's law of cooling and the classroom coffee experiment, Wed, Feb 17th
    Demo 5 on Maple's numerical methods rkf45 and dverk78, Wed, Feb 24
    Demo 6 on Dr Sarah's programs for Euler, Improved Euler and Ruge Kutta and Chaos
    Demo 7 on section 4.5 and 4.6 in the textbook , Wed, March 31
    Demo 8 on 5.1 and 5.2 spring motions, Wed, April 7th
    Demo 9 on 5.3 and 5.4 spring motions, Wed, April 14th
    Demo 10 on Problem Set D #2 (Bessel's equation), Wed, April 21st
    Demo 11 on Laplace Transforms, Wed, May 5th

    Final Exam has been moved forward from Fri to Monday from 12-2

    Highlights from Class

  • Mon, Jan 11 - Intro to Web, Intro to DEs, 2.1-2.2 HW Read 2.1 and 2.2
    Directions for the Newsgroup:
    Log in to the VAX.
    Type tin
    Type g
    The screen will say "Goto newsgroup >" Type asu.math.math3130
    The screen will say "Position asu.math.math3130 in group list (1,2,...,$)[1]>" Type 1
    To post a message, type w. When you are finished posting, hold down Control Key and hit the z key. Then type "exit". Then type p for post.
  • Wed, Jan 13 - Maple Demo 1 (see Fri for HW)
  • Fri, Jan 15 - (No Class due to conference) Work on Roaches Writing Project, Review Integration By Parts and Method of Partial Fractions.
  • Mon, Jan 18th MLKJ Holiday
  • Wed, Jan 20th - Demo 2 and review of integration by method of partial fractions HW: Book, p. 32 #18, and do the following DE's by hand: 1) y'=xe^x, 2) y'={2x^2+3x+3}/(x+1)^3, 3) y'= {4x-7}/{x^2-3x+2}. Roaches due at 5pm
  • Fri, Jan 23rd - Review Demos 1 and 2, Work on p. 34 33-37. HW prepare presentation and on a computer, go thru demos 1 and 2 again, redo Wed's HW.p. 40 #20
  • Mon, Jan 26th - Presentations and begin exact d.e.s, HW p. 40
  • Wed, Jan 28th - Finish last presentation, Demo 3 on exact d.e.s
  • Fri, Jan 30th - Review demo 3, start 1st order linear. HW Go over demo 3 on Maple again, p. 48 1-4, 10,11.
  • Mon, Feb 1st - Present HW, Homogenous equations. HW p. 62 9,16, p. 65 32,33,36,38.
  • Wed, Feb 3rd - Learn how to submit Maple files, Do p. 65 32, 33, 36, 38 on Maple and compare with results done by hand.
    Page 65 number 36 (Joey, Ken and Dan V)
    Page 65 number 38 (Sherri, Mindy and Scott)
    Maple HW 1 due at 5pm
  • Fri, Feb 5th - Section 3.2 Compartmental Analysis. Break up into groups- each group works on one of p. 81 1,2,5,6,7,8, which will be turned into Maple worksheets next week. HW Go over p. 65 Maple worksheets above. Finish up your group's problem by hand. Work on hw1 rev due next Fri, hw2 due 1 week from Mon.
  • Mon, Feb 8th Population Models, groups work on one of p. 81-82, 9, 14, 17, 19, 23, 24. HW finish up this problem by hand, and review the problem from Friday.
  • Wed, Feb 10th Create Maple Worksheet for both problems your group worked on Fri and Mon. Discuss problem, explain set-up, and compare Maple solution to your solution by hand.
    Dave, Dan V and James L: Page 81, 1 and 14
    Brian, Sherri and Amy: Page 81, 6 and 17
    Melissa, Richard and Joey
    Mindy, Scott and Dan C Page 81, 2 and 24
    James W, Alicia and Stephen" Page 81, 5 and 9
    Ken Page 81, 8 and 23
    HW: Think about: Which boils/freezes faster - hot or cold water? and page 90 #14.
  • Fri, Feb 12th - Heating and Cooling Intro, Instructions on submitting Maple files:
    Step 1: Go to 203 Walker
    Step 2: Click on the apple (top left) and release on Chooser.
    Step 3: Double-click on AppleShare (in the top left of the chooser).
    Step 4: On the right, under "Select a file server", scroll down and double click on "".
    Step 4: Under name, type "3130", and under password, type "3130". Click on "Ok".
    Step 5: Double click on "Shared Folder", which will appear on the right hand side of the desktop.
    Step 6: MAKE SURE the name of your file is in the correct format: hw2sarahjeff.mws for homework assignments, p81nums5and15.mws for problems we worked on in the lab. If it isn't, click on the name part of the file and change it!
    Step 7: You will see a file labeled "3130" in the Shared Folder. You cannot open this file, but you can drag files over to "3130" and submit them via releasing them on top of "3130" - be sure to do step 6 before dropping files to ensure that your work will not be lost.
  • Mon, Feb 15th - Experiment with CBL Units (p. 90 #14 experimentally) Maple hw2 due at 5pm. HW experiment - which boils faster - hot or cold water?
  • Wed, Feb 17th - Demo 4 on the CBL cooling experiment.

  • Fri, Feb 19th - Review Demo 4, Start Newtonian Mechanics, break up into groups of 2. Choose a problem from pages 96-99. HW prepare quick presentation: explain the problem, write the final answer, explain in words how you got this answer.
  • Monday, Feb 22nd - Presentations, intro to Numerical Methods, hw redo hw for today. At some point, review integration numerical methods.
  • Wed, Feb 24th - Demo 5 on Maples' built in numerical methods.
    To check the web from your appstate e-mail account,
    Telnet in and enter your name and password
    Type "lynx"
    The asu web page (text only - no pictures!) will come up.
    Type "g"
    At the bottom of the asu web page, you will see "URL to open:". Type "".
    My web page will come up. Press space for the next page and or scroll down using the "down arrow key" until the bold Differential Equations is highlighted.
    Use the "right arrow key" to follow the link to our class web page.
    To quit lynx, type "q" and then "y" for yes.
    p. 96
    1-Sherri and Amy
    2-Melissa and Alicia
    5-Mindy and Scott
    6-Joey, DanV and Brian
    7-Richard and DanC
    hw 2 revisions due at 5pm. See class handout for review session and extra office hours.
  • Fri, Feb 26th - Test 1 - by hand. 81/2by11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed. Study material we covered in class, Maple demos and homework sets. HW review Demo 5, start Maple project 3.
  • Spring Break!
  • Monday, March 8th - review demo 5, hw read sections 3.5 and 3.6
  • Wed, March 10th Wed, March 10th - demo 6
  • Fri, March 12th - No class due to conference talk. Instead, Go thru examples in 3.5 and 3.6 to make sure you can do the numerical methods by hand. Write a maple code for the Taylor method (see demo 6). HW #3 due.
  • Mon, March 15th - review demo 6, prework for Wed.
  • Wed, March 17th - create a maple sheet comparing Euler, Improved Euler, Runge-Kutta, dverk and rkf45 to the real solution of y'= with y(0)=1.
    The solution of Sherri Sisler, Amy Ozmon, Mindy Garner, Scott Miller's solution
  • Fri, 3/19 Begin chapter 4
  • Mon, 3/21 Continue with chapter 4
  • Wed Review
  • Fri 3/25 Maple Test on Numerical methods
  • Mon 3/29 Continue Chapter 4
  • Wed, 4/1 4.5 and 4.6 Demo 6
  • Mon, 4/5 Review Demo 6
  • Wed, 4/7 Demo 7
  • Fri, 4/9 Review Demo 7 on 5.1 and 5.2 and start 4.8 thru end of chapter
  • Mon, 4/12 Continue on 4.8 thru end of chapter
  • Wed 4/14 Demo 8 on 5.3 and 5.4
  • Fri and Mon 16th and 19th - HW: Read the following in the Maple lab manual- problem set D #1 on p. 125, and the solution to this problem located on p. 214-218. In addition, read about comparison techniques in Chapter 9 of the manual, from page 111 until page 118. Then, read the statements of problem set D #2 and #15. (we will do this in demo 10 on Wed the 21st). Do research in library (journals), on the web, and/or by talking to other professors about your final project. Final project proposal due Tuesday 20th at 5pm. Include references of journals, web sites and people that you talked to.
  • Wed 21 - Demo 10. HW review Demo 9 and 10 for Fri. Maple problem set due date moved to Monday.