Dr. Sarah's Maple Presentation Checklist for Math 3130

Does this Maple document:

  • Restate the problem to be solved?

  • give a precise and well-organized explanation of how the answer was found?

  • give a preceise and well-organized explanation of what the answer means/how and why it differed from expectations?

  • give a precise and well-organized explanation of what went wrong/ what was attempted, if error messages were received?

  • clearly summarize graphs, or other visual representations of the math?

  • define all variables, terminology, and notation used?

  • give acknowledgment where it is due?

  • use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

  • contain correct mathematics?

  • solve all of the questions that were originally asked?

  • give evidence of creative exploration of the problem(s)?

  • give evidence of deep understanding of the problem(s)?

    Is this presentation of the Maple Document?

  • presented slowly enough so that others who haven't seen it before can follow?

  • one that clearly states the mathematics to be discussed?

  • one that flows smoothly?

  • one where everything that is in the Maple document is also orally communicated?

  • one that includes eye contact?

  • one which discusses the mathematics in the speakers words?