Homework Question Assignment 7

For homework question assignments, you respond to targeted homework questions based on articles, videos and/or research that relate to learning goals 1-6 in the syllabus. These are low stakes assignments designed to help you engage with the material. I will mark whether you attempted the questions and a good faith effort is all I ask for at this point. These may be informally hand written, typed or spoken expositions such as bullet points. They are due at the beginning of class before our class discussion, so you may want a second copy, for example by taking a picture of your work. There is no late work accepted, but the lowest two homework question assignments can be dropped.

  1. Take some notes on how gender, race and sexuality comes up in this article. Informal bullet points are fine.
  2. We previously encountered John Fiske within class slides and a glossary entry. Revisit and write down (here) a richer entry-i.e. add to your original for
    power structures in popular culture (John Fiske, 1980s)
  3. Is there anything you disagreed with or had a question on in this article?