Dr. Sarah's Classroom Worksheet Checklist

    Are the worksheet goals:

  1. listed on a separate piece of paper?
  2. ones that include significant mathematics?
  3. ones that discuss the assumed level and background of the students?
  4. ones that discuss necessary materials (including computers, manipulatives, ...)?
  5. ones that are both reasonable and attainable?

    Is the worksheet:

    Introduction and Writing

  6. one that contains an introduction that introduces the major themes by summarizing what will be done in the worksheet?
  7. one that discusses the importance of the work in the context of mathematics, the real world, and/or applications?
  8. one that contains appropriate sections that are labeled?
  9. one that contains reasonably lengthed paragraphs with well defined themes?
  10. one that uses correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation? In Word, red underlined text means incorrect spelling.
  11. one that addresses the appropriate audience who is educated but does not know the mathematics that you are trying to teach them. For example, think of yourself as a worker trying to explain his/her specialized work to an executive who is interested, educated, but clueless about what you do.
  12. one that flows smoothly when read out loud? Have someone else read it to you, or read it to someone else. This is worth more.
  13. one that looks professional and contains graphs, formulas and equations within the text (not as appendices)? This is worth more.
  14. one that looks professional?
  15. one that has equations done in Equation Editor?
  16. one that is self contained?

    Mathematics and Mathematical Activities for the Classroom

  17. one that clearly states the mathematics?
  18. one that defines all variables, terminology, and notation used?
  19. one that flows smoothly?
  20. one that gives simple examples?
  21. one that contains correct mathematics?This is worth more.
  22. one that explains/explores any graphs, equations or statements mentioned?
  23. one that illustrates any equations, theorems or statements mentioned with examples?
  24. one that contains enough examples?
  25. one that gives evidence that you understand the mathematics? This is worth more.
  26. one that discusses the mathematics in your own words? This is worth more.
  27. one that explains/explores the mathematics slowly and clearly enough so that Dr. Sarah can follow?
  28. one that explains/explores the mathematics slowly and clearly enough so that others who haven't seen it before can follow? This is worth more.
  29. one that contains activities that teach and/or reinforce the mathematics?
  30. one that effectively engages the reader with these activities?
  31. one that encourages creative exploration?
  32. one that contains a moment of "aha!" or true discovery?
  33. one that satisfies the worksheet goals?
  34. one that explores the mathematics deeply? This is worth more.

    References and Comments on How You Used Them

  35. one that gives acknowledgment to references where it is due?
  36. one that contains comments summarizing what was in each reference and how you used it? This is worth more.