Final Research and Review Presentation

You will continue with the same topic you chose in project 4 and we will have similar research presentation sessions.

During the final exam day, you will post the following four parts up on the wall.
  1. Maximum 3-Page Timeline
    Revise your timeline - a maximum of 3 pages is now allowed in order to allow for more flexibility in the information.

  2. Maximum 3-Page Review of How we Covered the Topic in Class and Homework
    Create a typed document that summarizes in your own words how we covered the topic in class and homework, and includes related pictures, text, important proofs, etc. The class highlights page briefly summarizes what we did each day.

  3. Maximum 1-Page Connections
    Research how your topic relates to your future intended career, or to mathematics research or an academic field of your interest.

    If you plan to teach high school, then you can check the following:
    North Carolina Common Core State Standards and NC Essential Standards
    Common Core
    NCTM Standards & Focal Points

    If you are unsure about your future intended career, or the topic does not relate, then you can research how the topic plays a role in current mathematics research or in an academic field of your interest (for example via MathSciNet through the library).

  4. Annotated Bibliography
    Add to your to your timeline bibliography and make one comprehensive annotated bibliography. Continue to keep track of new pictures and summarize how you used any other sources. Be sure that you include library and scholarly sources.
All four parts will be taped up to the wall for class view.