Dr. Sarah's Math 3610 Web Page - Fall 2003

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  • DUE Date

        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted! For homework, prepare to turn in work that follows the guidelines.

    Dec 11 - Thur
    ____________ ________________________________________________________________________


    Dec 9 - Tues
    • 2nd Professional Development Activity due at 5pm

    Dec 2 - Tues
    • Test 4 (1 8.5 x 11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed)

    Nov 25 - Tues
    Nov 20 - Thur
    Nov 18 - Tues
    • Self-Evaluation of presentations due.
    • Look at Project 6 solutions and compare with your problem set. Begin studying for the Sketchpad test and working on the final project.

    Nov 11 - Tues
    • Geometry of our Earth presentations.
    • Buy a light colored ball which is approximately 6 inches to a foot in diameter that you won't mind writing on with permanent marker during class. Be sure that this ball is round and is not an inflatable ball since these don't work well. In addition, if you have masking tape, then bring that to class.

    Nov 7 - Fri
    • First Professional Development activity due at 5pm (see the syllabus for details).

    Nov 6 - Thur
    • Read Perry p. 247-248 and p. 255, and Sibley p. 97-99

    Nov 4 - Tues
    Oct 28 - Tues
    • Skim through Geometry of our Earth and work on Project 6 and the first professional development report.

    Oct 21 - Tues
    Oct 14 - Tues
    Oct 7 - Tues
    • Come up with models for Mathematics Methods and Modeling for Today's Mathematics Classroom p. 216 number 4 (Loggers) so that they resemble:
      # board feet/10 = k diameter^(power) ie, you want to obtain the number in the power for each model. Use the assumptions and show work to obtain your models.
    • Revisions on Wile E assignment due by 5pm for an extra +10 points. Be sure that you address what happens if Wile never sees the roadrunner.

    Oct 2 - Thur
    • Read Sibley p. 35-38.
    • Read Mathematics Methods and Modeling for Today's Mathematics Classroom p. 200-204, 209-213

    Sep 30 - Tues
    Sep 25 - Thur
    • Examine The Proof website contents -especially the Pythagorean Puzzle and the Teacher's Guide (see the links on the right from that guide). Take notes on different ways to incorporate The Proof into the classroom and be prepared to share your thoughts on these ideas and activities with the rest of the class.

    Sep 23 - Tues
    Sep 18 - Thur
    Sep 16 - Tues
    • Read Sibley pages 9 - 16 and 29 - 31.

    Sep 11 - Thur
    Sept 9 - Tues
    • Read through Minesweeper Proofs
    • Read through Project 1 solutions on WebCT and make sure that you are prepared to present them in the future.

    Sept 2 - Tues
    • Sometime after Thursday's class, follow Lab 1 Directions in order to enter WebCT and look at the hints for Project 1.
    • Project 1 DUE Prepare to turn in and/or present work that follows the guidelines.
      Perry 1.3 3
      Sibley 1.1 3, 10, 13ab (For 13a, turn in your cylinder and cone along with your project.)

    Aug 28 - Thur
    • Read the syllabus.
    • Look over Dr. Sarah's Office Hours
    • Read Dr. Sarah's project guidelines.
    • Obtain the 2 rental texts from the bookstore: The Geometric Viewpoint: A Survey of Geometries by Thomas Q. Sibley and Geometry: Axiomatic Developments with Problem Solving by Earl Perry
    • Read Perry p. 1-5 and Sibley p. 2-5.
    • Begin Project 1 (see Tues).
    • Bring Sibley to class.