Dr. Sarah's Lab 1

Main Class Web Page From a web browser such as Internet Explorer (on or off campus), type in
You can access all of the other pages from this one.
Check the Main Class Web Page about every 2 days (at least 3 times a week) for updates. Note: To get back to a web page that you were just on, hit the web browser's "Back" key.
Using Campus Pipeline to Enter WebCT From the main class web page, click on the campus pipeline link.
  • On the left side, under Secure Access Login, type in your e-mail address (example sg23014) as your User Name, and your social security number without any dashes as your Password and then click on Login. If you have changed your campus pipeline password, then type that in instead of your social security number. Pipeline will force your to change your password. Make sure to write it down somewhere for future reference. I can give you your e-mail address if you don't have it. If you've entered your e-mail address and your social security number and you can't get in, you'll need to contact 262-6266.
  • Just under Class Links, on the right side, click on the Introduction to Geometry link. Note - you may need to scroll down the Courses to get to this link. If this course is not listed among those courses, then check to be sure that you are registered for the class and/or contact 262-6266.
  • You will see Dr. Sarah's Mat 3610 WebCT. You have now entered WebCT.
    Bulletin Board Use in WebCT Click on the Bulletin Board Link
    Viewing Posted Messages
  • Click on Update Listing to get the latest posting info.
  • You should always change the topic to "All" in order to see all the unread messages you have. You should expect that there may be new messages from Dr. Sarah to you in the "Attention from Dr. Sarah" forum and/or the forum containing just you and Dr. Sarah.
  • Read any unread messages.
  • For future reference: If you want to re-read a message that you have already looked at, click on the "Show all" link. To go back to unread messages only, click on the "Show unread" Link.
    Composing a Message
  • Click on Compose Message
  • Under Topic, choose your name and Dr. Sarah. This is a forum created with just the two of us.
    For WebCT postings, make sure that your message is always PROFESSIONAL AND RESPECTFUL, as I will sometimes reply to your messages by forwarding them to the ENTIRE CLASS. If you want to communicate with me about something that is personal, you should do that in person - after class, in office hours or by appointment.
  • Under Subject, type testing.
  • Type directly into the Message area.
  • Click on Post.
  • Check to be sure that your posting to the forum containing just you and Dr. Sarah was successfully received. If not, wait a minute or two, hit "Update Listing" again, and if you still don't see your posting, then resend the message.

    Homework - I am happy to help you in office hours or by answering questions on the WebCT bulletin board.
  • Reminder: See the main web page for homework and a link to my office hours.