Dr. Sarah's Math 3610 Web Page - Spring 2006

  • Class highlights Includes a day to day overview and activities that were completed in class or lab.
  • Dr. Sarah's Final Week Office Hours:
    Thur 4/27 3-5, Fri 4/28 2:30-4:30, Sat 4/29 1-3, Mon 5/1 1-3.
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
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  • DUE Date

        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted! For homework, prepare to turn in work that follows the guidelines.

    Apr 29 - Sat
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    __________ ________________________________________________________________________
    Apr 27 - Thur
    • 2nd Professional Development Activity due by 5pm
    Apr 25 - Tues
    Apr 20 - Thur
    Apr 13 - Thur
    Apr 11 - Tues
    • Self-evaluation of your presentation due.
    • Read through the final project guidelines.
    Apr 10 - Mon
    • Extra Credit Lecture: Attend Jeff Week's Talk (7:30pm IG Greer Auditorium) and write up a summary (due Sat Apr 29) of what he discusses that relates to geometry.
    Apr 6 - Thur
    • Geometry technology presentation - prepare a short (no more than 5 minutes) geometric demonstration that relates to technology. Be sure to put your chosen topic in context - using historical perspectives and/or the importance/usefulness of the topic. See the presentation guidelines at the bottom of this link.
    Apr 4 - Tues
    • Test revisions due
    • Work on geometry technology presentation
    Mar 30 - Thur
    • Meet in 205 and bring your child's ball to class.
    • Self-Evaluation of your presentation due along with an annotated list of the references you used (if you turned in a list of references with your talk notes, that is sufficient).
    Mar 28 - Tues
    • For those that wanted this info, here are special courses for Fall 06, includng a number of 3000 and 4000 level courses.
    • Geometry of the earth presentations begin
      Buy a light colored ball which is approximately 6 inches to a foot in diameter that you won't mind writing on with permanent marker during class. Be sure that this ball is round and is not an inflatable ball since these don't work well. In addition, if you have masking tape, then bring that to class.
    Mar 23 - Thur
    • Self-Evaluation of your folding presentation due
    • Read Sibley p. 97-105 and come to class prepared to share something from the reading.
    • Work on geometry of the earth presentation

    Mar 21 - Tues
    • Folding Presentations
    • 1st Professional Development Activity due by 5pm

    Mar 9 - Thur
    Mar 8 - Tues
    • Continue reviewing material for test 2
    • Continue working on the folding presentations

    Mar 2 - Thur
    • Examine project 6 solutions on WebCT.
    • Begin working on the folding activities handout to prepare a presentation for each activitiy.

    Feb 28 - Tues
    • Compare your project 5 problems with the solutions on WebCT.
    • Project 6

    Feb 21 - Tues
    Feb 14 - Tues
    • Review your work on the Andrew Wiles and Proof worksheet handout and be prepared to present it.
    • Read through the Mathematics Methods and Modeling for Today's Mathematics Classroom handout and come to class prepared to share something.
    • Test 1 revisions due at the beginning of class.
    • Project 4: Reasoning and Proof Standards Assignment is due by 3:30.

    Feb 9 - Thur
    • Complete the Andrew Wiles and Proof worksheet handout.
    • Begin work on Project 4 and Test 1 revisions.

    Feb 7 - Tues
    Feb 2 - Thur
    Jan 31 - Tues
    • Come to class prepared to discuss Sibley pages 9 - 16 and 29 - 31.
    • Study for Test 1 (see Thur)

    Jan 26 - Thur
    Jan 24 - Tues
    Jan 19 - Thur
    • Sometime after Tuesday the 17th, enter WebCT and look at the hints for Project 1. Be sure to begin work on the following problems beforehand.
    • Project 1 DUE Prepare to turn in and/or present work that follows the guidelines.
      Wallace 1.1 8
      Sibley 1.1 3, 10, 13ab (For 13a, turn in your cylinder and cone along with your project.)
      Web Search the web to find some ways to teach induction and deduction in the classroom. Briefly summarize at least one way of doing so and list your references as web addresses. In your writeup, be sure to specify how the differences between induction and deduction will be highlighted in the classroom.
    • Bring Sibley to lab (meet in 205).

    Jan 17 - Tues
    • Read Wallace p. 1-5 and Sibley p. 2-5 and p. 9 and come to class prepared to discuss the readings.
    • Read Dr. Sarah's project guidelines.
    • Work on project 1 due Thursday.
    • Bring Sibley to class. Note: The bookstore does indeed have this in now.

    Jan 12 - Thur
    • Obtain the 2 rental texts from the bookstore: The Geometric Viewpoint: A Survey of Geometries by Thomas Q. Sibley and Roads to Geometry by Edward C. Wallace and Stephen F. West.
    • Read Wallace p. 8-9 and come to class prepared to discuss the readings.
    • Read the syllabus, accessible from http://www.cs.appstate.edu/~sjg/class/3610/s06.html
    • Read over the problems for project 1 (see the Jan 19th due date) and begin working on them.