Taken from Lesson 5 - The Burden of Proof

Defense People of the court, my client is accused of being a square. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. My client is innocent until proven guilty. I content that the prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to convict my client.

Prosecution We have sufficient evidence and numerous witnesses to conclude that the defendant is clearly guilty. (Prosecution calls each witness one at a time)

Witness 1 At club triangle only three sided polygons are allowed. The defendant simply had too many sides. I had to turn him away.

Witness 2 I'm an expert on rectangles. All rectangles have four sides. All squares are rectangles with equal sides and equal angles.

Witness 3 I work in human resources at the Pentagon. In order to work at the Pentagon you must have at least five sides. The defendant was under qualified. I didn't even consider his application.

Witness 4 I'm an equilateral triangle. I like talking to the defendant. We understand each other, both of us having equal sides and all.

Witness 5 I am a bouncer at the Polygon Club. To get in you must be a polygon with three or more sides. No curves allowed. The defendant comes here all the time.

Witness 6 The defendant is my neighbor and is as nice as can be, but I don't think the defendant is quite right.