Review Sheet for Test 1

1 8.5 x 11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed. You may put anything you want that fits on your sheet. Do put the minesweeper axioms on your sheet, but I will give you copies of the Appendix in Sibley so you do not need to write down Euclid's postulates or propositions. Calculator allowed. Ruler and Compass (or some kind of disk to draw a circle) suggested.

This test will cover material up through and including Project 2 and Tuesday Jan 31 class. Review class notes (you may wish to look at the links accessible from the class highlights page), book readings, and Project 1 and 2 solutions (accessible from WebCT).

This test will be on paper. While we will have a Sketchpad test later in the semester, you do not need to study Sketchpad for this test. But, you do need to understand constructions.