Sketchpad Test Study Guidelines

1 8.5 x 11 sheet with writing on both sides allowed. You may put anything you want that fits on your sheet. I will bring a copy of the Sibley appendix for you. Calculator allowed.

The test will be partly on Sketchpad, where questions will be answered on Sketchpad and posted to the WebCT forum containing you and Dr. Sarah as blah.gsp files.

  • Briefly skim over all of the project solutions on WebCT, test 1, and the class highlights page activities. Hyperbolic geometry is not covered on this test.

    For meta-reflection purposes:
  • Review all of our various activities and proofs on the Pythagorean Theorem and extensions of the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Review David Henderson's idea of a proof and a variety of different types of proofs that did or did not satisfy his definition.
  • Review NCTM standards on the paper I gave you.

    Review and be sure that you know how to do the following in Sketchpad:

  • Euclid Book 1 Prop 1 (To construct an equilateral triangle).

  • From Sketchpad 4, open up Sketchpad/Samples/Sketches/ Geometry/Triangles.gsp and click on SSA and find two triangles with the same SSA which are not similar.

  • Use all of the Sketchpad Tools (Arrowhead, Point, Compass, Straight Edge, Alphabet, Script View)

  • Use Sketchpad's built-in features for Euclidean geometry (Display, Construct, Transform, Measure, Graph) Especially be sure that you can quickly and easily:
    Display Color, Hide Point
    Construct Midpoint, Intersection, Parallel Line, Perpendicular Line
    Measure Length, Angle, Coordinates, Calculate
    Graph Show Grid

  • Use Sketchpad's calculate feature (under Measure) in order to add up angles, distances, ... (Note: this works for Euclidean, sub-Euclidean (Taxicab) and Non-Euclidean (hyperbolic) geometry, even though the other Sketchpad features do not.)

  • Make and use a script to measure the taxi-cab distance between two points.

  • Project 6 problems, examples and solutions (see WebCT) (for example - show that the Pythagorean theorem is sometimes but not always true in taxicab geometry by giving relevant examples, or completing the other problems in Sketchpad)

  • Make a text box use the Alphabet tool so that you can type in answers to questions in a Sketchpad document.

  • Use File/Save As to save your document (as your_first_name.gsp) into the public folder

  • Use a Web browser to get into campus pipeline and attach your work onto the WebCT forum containing you and Dr. Sarah.