Wile E. Coyote and Axioms

Dear Math 3610 Students:

I keep having a recurring nightmare where I am trapped in the following axiom system:

A1: Coyotes and roadrunners live on the surface of a perfectly round planet.
A2: Coyotes only begin chasing roadrunners exactly 2 seconds after the roadrunner passes them.
A3: Coyotes can only catch roadrunners if they can catch up to them after having chased them.
A4: Roadrunners run faster than coyotes.
A5: Coyotes stop chasing roadrunners when they disappear from view.
A6: All coyotes have 20/20 vision.

Will I be able to catch the roadrunner? If needed, can you add other axioms to the system, which are consistent with A1 through A6, that will ensure that I will always catch the roadrunner? Justify your claims! I'll need a professional report. Help me - you're my only hope!

Hungry as ever,
Wile E. Coyote

From Dr. Sarah You may work alone or in a group and turn in one per group (maximum 3 people). You may wish to be creative in your response - a movie file, a narrative, song or poem, written as a newspaper interview, etc, but it must be something that you can turn in. If it can be printed out, be sure that it is typed. If it is a movie file, turn in a cd or dvd (or bring me a copy via a USB pen drive in office hours). Be sure to give acknowledgement to any references where it is due.

You should consider the following two cases:
If the roadrunner passes by then...
Otherwise there is no hope of catching him because...

When working on the second question, you must justify why the axiom(s) that you've added are consistent with A1 through A6 and then justify why the coyote will always be able to catch the roadrunner in this new axiom system.

Here is a sample report solution for a different assignment in a liberal arts class.

Your project will be graded on correctness, clarity, depth, and creativity.