Appalachian General Education

A common expectation for all capstone experiences is that students will reflect on their own development in the four educational goals for all students at ASU:
  1. Thinking Critically & Creatively
  2. Communicating Effectively
  3. Making Local to Global Connections
  4. Understanding Responsibilities of Community Membership
Prepare the following as a typed, single-spaced reflection: For each goal, provide at least 2 examples - one from your mathematics courses and one from your other courses - that illustrate that you have met these goals. For instance, inside of mathematics local to global might refer to mathematicians here and abroad or to small scale/large scale concepts.

  • A local to global example from calculus could be that Euclidean geometry or rectangular coordinates is useful on a local/arbitrarily small scale but on a global scale other geometry and coordinate systems are important. More specifically, a dx term is infinitessimal (local) but the global function shape is also important for an area calculation like the integral over a region.

    So you will have at least 8 examples total. In addition, be prepared to share your responses in class.