Appalachian General Education

A common expectation for all capstone experiences is that students will reflect on their own development in the four educational goals for all students at ASU:
  1. Thinking Critically & Creatively
  2. Communicating Effectively
  3. Making Local to Global Connections
  4. Understanding Responsibilities of Community Membership
  • Part 1: Choose ONE of the above goals. Prepare the following as a typed, single-spaced reflection that is between .75 and 1.5 pages long: reflect on your development since completing high school by incorporating examples from both college general education classes outside your major(s) [may be from ASU and/or elsewhere] as well as classes here at ASU in your major(s).
    Here are our class discussions of the goals.
  • Part 2: For the other three goals, think about your development and be prepared to share examples from your experiences during classes, but there is no need to write anything down.
  • Part 3: Continue working on the course project
  • Part 4: Bring your i-clicker to class