Introduction to LaTeX Homework

  1. Obtain the i-clicker and the class text LaTeX: A Document Preparation System - User's Guide and Reference Manual, by Leslie Lamport, Second Edition. Both are available as rentals in the bookstore. Bring the i-clicker to every class.
  2. Google Dr. Sarah, get to this page, and read through the course project guidelines [you can ignore the sublinks for now].
  3. Read Dr. Bauldry's Brief Introduction to LaTeX
  4. Read advice from previous students about this course
  5. Write down any questions you have on the above 3 readings.
  6. Begin thinking about a possible course project topic from previous research experiences, independent studies on advanced mathematics, foreign exchange program experiences, or an advanced mathematical topic from a 3000 or 4000 level class. I would be happy to discuss your interests in office hours to help you find a good topic!