1. How should we respond to this student?
    a) Agree with him
    b) Explain the importance of mathematics to his future careers and/or interests (communications and anthropology/basketball...)
    c) Explain the importance of mathematics to the development of critical thinking, problem solving and analytic skills
    d) More than one of the above
    e) Other

Drake Pitts
yeah, and i need to take english and history for my mathematics degree, so suck it.

Math is about problem solving. So...you cannot seriously believe that, as a writer, you will never encounter situations where problem solving skills will be beneficial. Furthermore, whether or not you made this video, the fact remains: Math is required for a degree. So question: Did your "arguing" make the situation any better for you?

Jeffrey Teruel:
It's always good to take math class/es with your major. Just because you never use it in college doesn't mean you will not need it in your career. Math is a good skill in research and analysis. I took Calculus in college (I'm an Econ major) and I see it all over my field. It's helpful because eventually in the future I want to start my own business. If you really want to improve yourself overall, you MUST take math. Ask the Asian kids why they're beating us academically.