Part 2 of the Course Project

[I don't need the code - just the LaTeX'ed PDFs]. See finding library and scholarly sources and LaTeX software.
  1. First draft of a few Beamer slides: Create an introductory slide in Beamer with your title, a second slide that includes your prior experience, and a third slide related to prior progress in the area of your course project (it could be someone who laid groundwork on the topic, or peripheral but connected research or history), including the date and the name of the person and their contribution. Include an image on at least one slide.
    LaTeX code for Beamer Template and Figure 1, Figure 2 must be in the same directory to LaTeX (or you can comment out the \includegraphics code with a % until you are ready to add your own picture). PDF version
  2. Add a preliminary bibliography to Part 1 of the course project
    LaTeX code for Part 1 + Preliminary Bibliography, PDF version
  3. Continue working on the course project and write down any questions you have