Dr. Sarah's Differential Geometry Web Page - Fall 2006

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Date     WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted!
Dec 7 - Thur
  • Final Project Poster Sessions from 3-5:30. Be sure that your poster is facing so that it is taller than it is wider. Bring your own beverage. If you want to bring something to share, feel free - Dr. Sarah will provide some food including those donuts you've requested. Note: The written component can be turned in later - is must be posted to the bulletin board by Wed Dec 13 and it will be posted here.
  • Extra Credit: Crochet a Hyperbolic Plane for me to keep or EC Maple from Project 4.

    AJ Gauss Map
    Allison Why 3+1 = 11 for small values of 7: A brief overview of (Super)String Theory
    Bailee and Nathan Transformations of Minimal Surfaces, references
    Blake and Joe The Calculus of Functions
    Brian and Tracy Brachistochrone
    Erin and Jared: Full Program, mycode, CitedCode, work cited,
    Frank Differential Geometry and Cartography, references
    Jason S Parallelism and Holonomy
    Jones and Jay Worksheet
    Lisa Harmonic Function Worksheet, references
    Melinda The Mercator Projection: Mapping the Sphere in Two Dimensions
    Nicole Mobius Strip Exploration, references
    Root Maple file, Tethered Object Motion
    Tomas Mapping Surfaces onto the Unit Sphere
    Wes Scherk's Surface
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    Nov 30 - Thur
  • Test 3 on metrics study guide
  • Nov 28 - Tues
  • Review for test 3 and write down any questions you have.
  • Nov 21 - Tues
  • Final Project topic and group members must be approved by Dr. Sarah by 4pm. You must show Dr. Sarah the relevant pages from a book(s) and post a message to the WebCT bulletin board (NOT email) with your project topic.
  • Nov 14 - Tues
  • Self-reflection due (1 per person): Read over the metric assignment and write up a reflection:
    1. Explain the steps you took in preparing your presentation.
    2. What part of preparing was easy for you?
    3. What was hard?
    4. Explain how you used the criteria in preparing your presentation.
    5. What were the strengths of your presentation? Why?
    6. What would you like to have improved on? Why?
    7. When you give your next major presentation, what would you do differently in preparing and presenting?
  • Bring the text to class.
  • Nov 7 - Tues
  • Project 5: Your group presentation should include some or most of the following: the metric form equation ds^2 or ds, what the metric form represents physically; the curvature of the metric; geodesics; physically interesting features; historical significance and history of the related people; significance in current research.
  • Nov 2 - Thur
  • Turn in the metric form equation ds^2 or ds for project 5 (one per group of two).
  • Bring the text to class.
  • Oct 26 - Thur
  • Test 2 on surfaces, intrinsic geodesics, and geodesic curvature. Study suggestions
  • Oct 24 - Tues
  • Go over Test 2 study suggestions and write down any questions you have.
  • Extra credit: Prepare a test question other than the one about hyperbolic geometry and d exp(-c/r). Turn this in on a piece of paper. If I use your question on the test, I will give you extra credit.
  • Oct 17 - Tues
  • Project 4 due Maple file on geodesic and normal curvatures Adapted from David Henderson.
  • Oct 12 - Thur
  • Read over Project 3 solutions on WebCT and write down any questions you have. Begin working on Project 4.
  • Oct 5 - Thur
  • Project 3
  • Oct 3 - Tues
  • Bring a child's ball (1 per group of 3) that you don't mind writing on.
  • Sep 21 - Thur
  • Test 1 on curves study suggestions
  • Sep 19 - Tues
  • Project 2 See the Maple commands bulletin board posting up on WebCT.
  • Sep 12 - Tues
  • Read through Project 1 Solutions on WebCT, compare with your project responses, and write down any questions you have. In addition, begin working on Project 2.
  • Sep 5 - Tues
  • Project 1
    Maple Applet spacecurve.mw that calculates the Velocity, Acceleration, Jerk, Speed, ArcLength, Curvature, and Torsion
    Maple Applet TNBapplet.mws that animates the Frenet Frame.
  • Aug 31 - Thur
  • Meet in 205. You will have time to work on Project 1 there.
  • Aug 29 - Tues
  • Read 1.1 and write down any questions you have. Be prepared to share something from the reading.
  • Graduate student presentation: 1.2 Arclength Parametrization
  • Graduate student presentation: p. 19-20 in 1.3 Frenet Formulas
  • Aug 24 - Thur
  • Read through the online syllabus carefully and write down any questions you have - the university considers this a binding contract between us.
  • Complete the Calc 3 Review of Curves - helpful webpages:
  • Graduate student presentation: 1.1 Theorem 1.1.11 and its proof