Dr. Sarah's Math 4140/5530 Differential Geometry Tentative Calendar - Spring 2012

  • Office Hours this week The best way to contact me outside of class and office hours is an ASULearn message [Participants / my picture / Send message].
  • Class highlights A daily overview
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • Jump down to tomorrow's homework which is located above the red lines
    DUE Date

    Dates are subject to change and additional homework will fill in what is listed. WORK IS DUE at the beginning of class unless otherwise noted.
    9 May - Wed
  • Final Project Presentations from 9-11:30 am
  • I have office hours Mon 1-3 and will also be available on ASULearn messaging.
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    3 May - Thur
  • Continue working on the final project
  • 1 May - Tues
  • Homework 7: Metric forms will be assigned on a first come-first-served topics assigned as a message on ASULearn - be sure to message me your proposed topic (or a ranked list of a few of them) as well as your group member's names.
    Anti de Sitter: Matt and Melissa
    de Sitter: Arthur
    Eddington-Finkelstein metric: Joey
    Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker metric: Jenna
    Godel metric: Emily
    Kerr metric: Ryan and Shawn
    Kerr-Newman rotating charged black hole metric: Austin
    Reissner-Nordstrom metric: Robb
    Schwartzschild metric: Kaylee
    Wormhole metric: Phillip
    Alcubierre metric: Rodney
  • 26 Apr - Thur
  • Begin working on homework 7. Your topic must be pre-approved on ASULearn as a message there (Participants, find me, click on send message) on a first-come-first-served-basis
  • Continue working on the final project
  • 24 Apr - Tues
  • Take notes on or highlight the ASULearn homework readings:
    1. How to Create Your Own Universe in Three Easy Steps by Lawrence Brenton in Math Horizons (selections from p. 5, 6 and 9)
    2. Relativity by David Brink in the Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Society p. 123-125
  • 19 Apr - Thur
  • Begin working on the homework readings for Tuesday
  • Continue working on the final project
  • 17 Apr - Tues
  • Test 2 on Surfaces study suggestions
  • 12 Apr- Thur
  • Study for test 2 and write down any questions you have.
  • Continue working on the final project
  • Look at the ASULearn message I sent you on April 3 or 4th regarding your course average and feedback on your participation.
  • 5 Apr- Thur
  • Begin working on the final project
  • 3 Apr- Tues
  • Homework 6
  • 29 Mar- Thur
  • Write down to turn in:
    1. a final project topic idea
    2. page numbers and a brief summary of the content of any relevant pages in our differential geometry text.
  • Continue working on project 6.
  • 27 Mar - Tues
  • Be prepared to answer some clicker questions on ASULearn project 4 and 5 solutions, including aspects that were in the solutions but went further than what you were assigned.
  • Continue working on project 6.
  • 22 Mar - Thur
  • Use class time to read through project 5 solutions on ASULearn, begin working on Homework 6 (numbers 1-9) for your assigned surface and begin thinking about a topic for the final project.
  • 20 Mar - Tues
  • Homework 5 [Note that if you previously printed out the hw, we did not get to part k, so I have removed it from the hw].
  • 8 Mar - Thur
  • Read through Project 4 solutions on ASULearn and begin working on Homework 5.
  • 6 Mar - Tues
  • Write out a proof for the Test 1 Part 3 #2 proof that you did NOT choose. In addition, correct anything you had points taken off for. You may write directly on the test. Turn in your test and corrections. This counts for participation.
  • Bring your clicker to class
  • 1 Mar - Thur
  • Homework 4
  • 28 Feb - Tues
  • Begin working on homework 4
  • 23 Feb - Thur
  • Read the Surfaces reading on ASULearn and take notes or print out and highlight it - be prepared to share from the reading and answer some related clicker questions.
  • 16 Feb - Thur
  • Test 1 on Curves study suggestions
  • 14 Feb - Tues
  • Study for test 1 and write down any questions you have.
  • 9 Feb - Thur
  • Homework 3
  • 7 Feb - Tues
  • Read 1.5 and begin working on Homework 3
  • 9 Feb - Thur
  • Read 1.3 and Watching Flies Fly: Kappatau Space Curves by Rudy Rucker
  • Find as many people as you can related to the creation of the Frenet formulas and the years of their contributions, including Bartels, Frenet, Pagani, and Serret.
  • 31 Jan - Tues
  • Homework 2
    Maple Applet spacecurve.mw that calculates the Velocity, Acceleration, Jerk, Speed, ArcLength, Curvature, and Torsion
    Maple Applet TNBapplet.mw that animates the Frenet Frame
    Both of these files are by past student Nathan Crowder
  • 26 Jan - Thur
  • Skim through homework 1 solutions on ASULearn (I updated it as of Tuesday morning), including the Maple commands I used for plotting.
  • Continue working on homework 2
  • 24 Jan - Tues
  • Read the Curves reading on ASULearn and section 1.1 in the book and write down any questions you have. Be prepared to share from and discuss the readings.
  • Bring your i-clicker to class
  • In ASULearn, click on Profile, click on Edit Profile, and add a picture of yourself so that it is easier to get to know each other. To contact anyone in class, click on Participants, click on their picture, and click on Send message. This is the best way to contact me outside of class and office hours.
  • Begin working on problems 1 and 2 of homework 2 (see the January 31 due date).
  • 19 Jan - Thur
  • Search google for Dr. Sarah, click on my page, and click on the MAT 4140 link and then read through the Syllabus link.
  • Homework 1: Calc 3 Review of Curves. I am happy to help in office hours or as an ASULearn Message [[Participants / my picture / Send message] You may wish to review concepts via web pages such as: Paul's Online Calculus III Notes http://math.etsu.edu/Multicalc/ or http://omega.albany.edu:8008/calc3/toc.html
  • Purchase the textbook, which is available in the bookstore: Differential Geometry and Its Applications (Classroom Resource Materials)
    The Mathematical Association of America Edition in 2007 [The one with "The Bat" surface on the cover]
    John Oprea, 469 pp., hardbound, 2007
    ISBN: 978-0883857489
  • Rent the i-clicker from the bookstore [if you have one from the past or another class, one suffices]