Dr. Sarah's Math 4140/5530 Differential Geometry Tentative Calendar - Spring 2018

The best way to contact me outside of class is during office hours or on the ASULearn Forum, as I usually check the posts daily, even on weekends.
  • Office Hours this week Effective March 24th (and internet allowing) I'm initiating targeted (optional) Zoom office hours during your regular class time. Zoom on Monday at 8pm will remain an open Zoom for all my classes at once. We will be using a flipped asynchronous model, which I am working on.
  • Class highlights A daily overview
  • 4140 Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • 5530 Syllabus and Grading Policies
  • e-book 9781614446088
    DUE Date

    Dates are subject to change and additional homework will fill in what is listed. DUE at the beginning of class.
    10 May - Thur
  • Final Project Presentations our assigned time is 2-4:30. Mandatory to pass the class.
  • Exam 2 corrections (turn in original test too)
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    1 May - Tues
  • Read Relativity by David Brink. Encylopedia of Mathematics and Society, pp. 853-855 on ASULearn and work on the Final Project Presentations. If you have a laptop, tablet or cell, bring it with you.
  • 26 Apr - Thur
  • Homework 7: Research and Investigate a Metric Form: Create a Video
  • 24 Apr - Tues
  • Read How to Create Your Own Universe in Three Easy Steps by Lawrence Brenton. Math Horizons April 2011, pp. 5-9 on ASULearn and continue working on Homework 7. If you have a laptop, tablet or cell, bring it with you.
  • 19 Apr - Thur
  • Read 8.3, 8.4, and 8.5 on Covariant Derivative, Christoffel Symbols, and Curvatures p. 401-429 e-book 9781614446088.
  • 17 Apr - Tues
  • Read 8.1 and 8.2 on Manifolds p. 397-401 e-book 9781614446088, choose a topic for Homework 7 on ASULearn and begin working on that assignment as well as homework for Thursday.

  • 12 Apr - Thur
  • Test 2 on Surfaces study guide
  • 10 Apr - Tues
  • Read portions of Section 5.2 on The Geodesic Questions and the Clairaut Relation beginning on p. 215-219, and p. 223 e-book 9781614446088, read the Final Project Presentations and begin thinking about a topic for that, study for test 2 and write down any questions you have. Bring the surfaces glossary with you.
  • 5 Apr - Thur
  • Homework 6: Research and Investigate a Surface
  • 29 Mar - Thur
  • Read Section 5.4 beginning on page 226 in the book and continue working on Homework 6.
  • 27 Mar - Tues
  • Read p. 124-126, 164, 275 - 277, and 291-292 in the book and begin working on Homework 6.
  • 22 Mar - Thur
  • Read p. 84-86, 88, 91-96, 107-108, and 111-114 in the book.
  • 20 Mar - Tues
  • Homework 5: Flat Donuts and Round Donuts
  • 15 Mar - Thur
  • Read 2.2 p. 79-80, 2.3 p. 86-87, and p. 212-215 in 5.1 in the book. Begin working on Homework 5.
  • 13 Mar - Tues
  • exam revisions. Read through 2.1 and the first page of 2.2 (on p. 77) in the book. In addition, in 2.4 and 2.5 look at the pictures but ignore the text for now (until we cover the shape operator and first fundamental form E, F, G)
  • 1 Mar - Thur
  • Homework 4: Intrinsic Geometry of Cones. If you have a ball or something else spherical, bring that with you.
  • 27 Feb - Tues
  • Read p. 236-237 in the book (note E, F, G are for first fundamental form, which we will investigate later), and the ASULearn reading on isometric spaces and coordinate patches. Continue working on Homework 4.
  • 22 Feb - Thur
  • Read the Surfaces reading on ASULearn. Look up pictures of any surfaces mentioned there that you are not familar with, and take notes (or highlight) any terms that are mentioned in both the article and the glossary on surfaces.
  • Read p. 247-250 in the book, but don't worry about the Maple code, and then p. 209 for the intuition. Skim 1.6 beginning on page 38. Begin working on Homework 4.
  • 20 Feb - Tues
  • Open your eyes to surfaces in our world. Find, either in person or in a picture, a surface which interests you and be prepared to share where it arises and what significance it has. Begin working on homework for Thursday.

  • 15 Feb - Thur
  • Test 1 on Curves study guide
  • 13 Feb - Tues
  • Find as many people as you can related to the creation of the Frenet formulas and the years of their contributions, including Bartels, Darboux, Frenet, Pagani, and Serret.
  • Study for test 1 and write down any questions you have. Bring the curves glossary with you.
  • 8 Feb - Thur
  • Homework 3: More Curves
  • 6 Feb - Tues
  • Read p. 34-35 in 1.5 from the book and begin working on Homework 3.
  • 1 Feb - Thur
  • Read 1.2, 1.3 in the book, and How Flies Fly: Kappatau Space Curves by Rudy Rucker, and write down any questions you have.
  • 30 Jan - Tues
  • Homework 2: Curves
    Maple Applet spacecurve.mw that calculates the Velocity, Acceleration, Jerk, Speed, ArcLength, Curvature, and Torsion
    Maple Applet TNBapplet.mw that animates the Frenet Frame
    Both of these files are by past graduate student Nathan Crowder
    Note: If your screen can't see the curvature and torsion buttons, then here is a Maple Applet spacecurvecurvaturetorsion.mw
  • 25 Jan - Thur
  • Skim through homework 1 solutions on ASULearn, including the plots.
  • Read the Curves reading on ASULearn and prepare to discuss it.
  • Continue working on homework 2.
  • 23 Jan - Tues
  • Google Dr. Sarah, click on my page, and click on the 4140 link and then read through the 4140 Syllabus or 5530 Syllabus
  • Read section 1.1 in the book, and write down any questions you have.
  • On ASULearn and send me a posting in the private forum (only you and Dr. Sarah): what you would like to be called (your nickname / first name); your phone number; your major; any additional academic concentrations/minors; what you might like to do as a career; your non-academic interests and hobbies; anything that I should know about you so that I can best meet your needs as a student/understand you better; anything else you want me to know
  • On ASULearn add a picture of yourself (click on your name, Edit Profile) so that it is easier to get to know each other.
  • Begin working on homework 2 (1/30 due date).
  • 18 Jan - Thur
  • Homework 1: Review.
  • The textbook is available at the bookstore: Differential Geometry and Its Applications by John Oprea
    MAA 2007 edition [The one with "The Bat" surface on the cover], ISBN: 978-0883857489 The e-book 9781614446088 is available through the library.
  • 16 Jan - Tues
  • First day of class