The class average was 81 and the median was 85, so great job overall. If you are below a C range of proficiency on the exam (i.e. below 73, since we are on a 10 point scale) then come see me so that we can discuss strategies well before test 2. There are still plenty of opportunities to succeed in this class, and many of you are doing so already!

To encourage exams as a learning experience you can earn back the greater of +3 or 15% of the points you missed. To earn these points, you will correct any questions you did not receive full credit for. You may write directly on the test or attach your corrections. Regardless, you will turn in your test too.

The idea is to turn any mistakes into productive failures (PF). This way you will hopefully further solidify the material.

I am happy to help in office hours. For example, you can work on these with me, or obtain my feedback on your draft responses.