LaTeX Software

  • compiles in your browser in real time. You can copy and paste code into the online environment and LaTex it there. You can also upload images as needed. A variety of different LaTeX programs are loaded in various computer labs across campus, if you prefer working there.
  • Download the LaTeX template for part 1 of the course project, copy the code into as a Source, or similar programs, and make sure the PDF will generate. If you get a Babel error message, then select recompile from scratch.

    If you would like to download LaTeX on your computer, note that it is free and open access.
  • The Mathematical Sciences LaTeX page includes information about a variety of software packages
  • Sydney Bentley, a graduate of our program advised: Hey everyone, this is the latex editor I found. It has spell check, auto-completion, and actually gives hints for fixing your code:
    This site lets you create a table that is much like excel and then generates the latex code for you:
    And if you google "latex generator" a number of equation generators will come up that can also be useful. It let's you see what the equation will look like before actually compiling the code in your doc.
    I hope this stuff is helpful in the future!
  • Personally I use the TeXShop front end (with MacTeX as the back end) on my Mac.

    I am happy to help in office hours or the ASULearn forums!