Part 1 of the Course Project

  1. Part 1 of the (LaTeX template, sample pdf and LaTeX software.)
    Choose a topic for the course project. Print and turn in your LaTeX code (you can copy and paste it into another program, like Word) and the LaTeX'ed document (ie the pdf) for the following:
    1. Your preliminary topic
    2. Your name and prior experience with the topic
    3. Search and report back on one interesting item related to prior progress in the area of your course project (it could be someone who laid groundwork on the topic, or peripheral but connected research or history). Include the date and the name of the person and their contribution.
    4. Search MathSciNet for recent scholarly journal articles related to your course project topic and write down one item that you find, including the date and the journal, as well as the title.

      What is MathSciNet? Historically, mathematicians communicated by letters, during visits, or by reading each other's published articles or books once such means became available. For example, Marin Mersenne had approximately 200 correspondents. Some mathematical concepts were developed in parallel by mathematicians working in different areas of the world who were not aware of each others progress. In an effort to increase the accessibility of mathematics research articles, reviews began appearing in print journals like Zentralblatt fur Mathematik, which originated in 1931, and Mathematical Reviews, which originated in 1940. Since the 1980s, electronic versions of these reviews have allowed researchers to search for publications. In 2018 MathSciNet, the electronic version of Mathematical Reviews, listed over 3 million items.

  2. Review Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Sources and continue searching for quality library and scholarly sources for the project.