Selection of preliminary topic for capstone project: First-Come, First-Served on ASULearn Choice feature

Choosing a preliminary topic for capstone project

Unless you have prior experience with differential geometry, or get another topic approved by me, the topic you'll choose for the Capstone Project will connect to assignments in 4140 so that the capstone project in 4141 and work in 4040 will complement each other. Thus, much of the work for the project will be done in concert with MAT 4140 and the focus is on preparing the formal project. Choose one of the following (and you may change topics at any time by coming back here).
elliptic paraboloid
Enneper's Surface
hyperbolic paraboloid
hyperboloid of 1 sheet
hyperboloid of 2 sheets
Kuen's Surface
Mobius strip
Scherk's Fifth Surface
Alcubierre metric or warp drive metric
anti-de Sitter metric
de Sitter metric for special relativity
Eddington-Finkelstein metric
Godel metric
Kerr metric
Kerr-Newman rotating charged black hole metric
Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) metric
Reissner-Nordstrom metric
Schwarzschild metric
Taub-NUT metric
Wormhole metric
I have prior experience with differential geometry, or another differential geometry topic that I'd like to focus on (you'll need to have this approved-so come see me)

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