Project Topics

Here are some suggestions for the final project and some references to get you started. Each topic will be limited to one person on a first come - first served basis by talking to me about it. You may also find other topology topics to work on.

  • A topic from the book that we have not covered in class.

  • Non-orientable surfaces - Projective space, Klein bottle...
    The Math of Non-Oreintable Surfaces
    Glossary: Non-Orientable

  • Classification of closed orientable surfaces

  • Euler's formula and topological invariants

  • Knots and links

  • Topology in biology and chemistry

  • Topology and economics

  • Topology and electric circuit design

  • Topology of the internet
    PhysicsWeb News - The topology of the Internet
    Visualizing Internet Topology at a Macroscopic Scale
    Overview of the architecture and topology of the internet

  • Topology and robotics

  • Topology and the shape of the universe
    Circles in the Sky
    Types of Universes

  • The Poincare conjecture