Dr. Sarah's Math 4710 Class Highlights Fall 2001 Page
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WebCT Test Questions
  • Tues Dec 4 Turn in talk plan which Dr. Sarah will grade and give feedback on while you take WebCt test 5.
  • Tues Nov 27 Go through the following:
    Abstract Guidelines,
    On Talks and Slides - popular mistakes and guidelines for avoiding them,
    Speaker Guidelines,
    Final Project Guidelines,
    review via WebCT test 4.
  • Thur Nov 29 Read each other's abstracts and give suggestions for improvement. Work on ps 10 revisions (compactness).
  • Tues Nov 20 Classification of Surfaces and reading on using topology in graphics morphing.
  • Thur Nov 22 Thanksgiving Break
  • Tues Nov 13 Compactness
  • Thur Nov 15 Compactness and Heine Borel
  • Tues Nov 6 Connectedness
  • Thur Nov 8 Path Connectedness and WebCT test
  • Tues Oct 30 Kinsey's Topology of Surfaces, review p. 54, first half of p. 95 in 2.6, do exercise 3.33 numbers 1-3 on p. 53 of Kinsey, 2.6 p. 90-91, torus with 2 holes, torus with n-holes. Definition of group, quotient spaces using a group action, football, klein bottle, projective space. Non-Orientable Surfaces Homework PS 6 revs, bibliography for final project, and PS 8.
  • Thur Nov 1 No class - instead, use the time to go to the library to search for bibliography for the final project. Homework Bibliography and PS 8.
  • Tues Oct 23 2.6 pages 92-94, Kinsey's Topology of Surfaces p. 51 - 54 except exercise 3.33, and 2.6 p. 99.
  • Thur Oct 25 Meet in 209B Do library and web searches to find good references for the final project.
  • Tues Oct 16 2.2
  • Thur Oct 18 Fall Break
  • Tues Oct 91.7 is finished
  • Thur Oct 112.1
  • Tues Oct 21.7 continued
  • Tues Oct 41.7 continued
  • Tues Sept 25 Selections from 1.6 and 5.1 (convergence, Hausdorff, T_1 and T_0 spaces). Homework Problem Set 4 (see main web page).
  • Thur Sept 27 Begin 1.7 Homework WebCT test 2 retakes, and Problem Set 5.
  • Tues Sept 18 Most of 1.4. HomeworkProblem Set 3 DUE Wed, WebCT Test 2 Thursday (but meet in 105 first) on 1.1-1.3, Problem Set 4 due next Wed.
  • Thur Sep 20 - Meet in 105 Finish 1.4, then move to computer lab to take WebCT test 2. If time remains, review syllabus, and discuss final projects. Homework Problem Set 4.
  • Tues Sept 11 First half of Section 1.3. Homework for today, tomorrow and next week Project Topic DUE today. Test 1 retakes on WebCt due Wednesday. For Thursday, read page 15-19, and start working on p. 24-26 numbers 5, 7 and 21 part a (the first half of Problem Set 3 due next Wed).
  • Thur Sept 13 Finish Section 1.4. Homework Problem Set 3
  • Tues Sept 4 Go over PS 2 and Project Topics Homework WebCT quiz 1 retakes and Project Topic choice
  • Thur Sept 6 Convocation and Assessment
  • Tues Aug 28 Finish 1.1. Discuss upper half plane metric versus the usual euclidean subspace metric on it.
  • Thur Aug 30 Meet in 105 Section 1.2
  • Tues Aug 21 Collect PS 1. Motivate the importance of continuity. Given the epsilon-delta definition of f continuous at x_o, try to prove that f(x)=|x| is continuous at x_o real. Notice that we need | |x|-|y| | < or = |x-y|, so we prove this. WebCT activities, presentations on PS 1. Homework for Thursday Study for WebCt quiz (see main web page for topics to study), and write-up Problem 3 from PS 1.
  • Thursday August 23 WebCT test 1. Patty section 1.1 continued. Homework Read Section 1.1 in Patty carefully, and work on Problem Set 2.
  • Thur August 16 Intro to the class via puzzles and games which were left as open problems. Show the class a tire, mug and mobius band - ask which are the same in topology (and discuss topology as continuous deformation equivalence). Put on a shirt and take it off by pulling it inside out over my head. Discuss the fact that if you do this when any clothing, you get the same shape back again. Why is this? Took a dollar bill and put two paper clips on it in such a way so that when the two ends are pulled apart sharply, the paper clips will spring free from the bill, but will be linked together. Discussed that it is not just a trick - that this is an original way of looking at things. Showed students a puzzle that looks linked, but challenged them to remove a circle from it without twisting the metal (this was left as e.c.). Part of a powerpoint topology presentation from 2 1010 students. Syllabus and Grading Policies and topology ad, Proof-Writing Samples, and Proof-Writing Checklist. Review of proof-writing via intro to Minesweeper. Review of principal of mathematical induction and its proof. Homework Problem Set 1.