Dr. Sarah’s 4710 Problem Set 2 – DUE Tues September 16


Problem 1:  Patty p. 9 number 11


Problem 2 (Grad):  Patty p. 9 number 18


The taxi-cab metric on R^n measures the distance that a taxi would have to travel between points if the city is laid out on a grid-like structure.  It has other real-life applications also – it is useful in ecology for measuring the distance between species.


Problem 3:  Patty p. 8 number 2


Problem 4:  Prove that SAS does not hold in R^2 with the taxicab metric.  Hint:  Use the picture below from Sibley’s The Geometric Viewpoint to help you.

Problem 5:  Patty p. 14 number 2 (part a everyone, part b Grad)


Problem 6:  Patty p. 15 number 10


Problem 7:  Patty p. 15 number 11