Dr. Sarah's Math 4710/5710 Web Page - Spring 2007

  • Dr. Sarah's Office Hours Effective March 24th (and internet allowing) I'm initiating targeted (optional) Zoom office hours during your regular class time. Zoom on Monday at 8pm will remain an open Zoom for all my classes at once. We will be using a flipped asynchronous model, which I am working on.
  • To access campus pipeline (WebCT) Direct WebCT link if pipeline is down
  • Syllabus and Grading Policies


        WORK DUE at the beginning of class or lab unless otherwise noted! Be sure to follow the Proof-Writing Samples and the Proof-Writing Checklist
    April 30 - Mon
      Final Project Presentations from 12-2:30 in 309 (as we agreed upon in class - we have permission from the dean's office). Your presentation, presentation notes/slides, and a separate final list of annotated references are due. If you are a graduate student, your written report is also due.
    April 27 - Fri
      Your preliminary organizational plan is due to the WebCT bulletin board and I will respond to your message with comments and suggestions for improvement.
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    April 24 - Tues
    April 12 - Thur
    April 3 - Tues
    Mar 27 - Tues
    March 22 - Thur
      Reflect on your oral presentations via a self-evaluation that addresses the criterion mentioned in Oral test 2

    March 20 - Tues
    March 8 - Thur
      Take a try of WebCT quiz 2.

    March 6 - Tues
    Feb 22 - Thur
      Reflect on your oral presentations via a self-evaluation. What are aspects of your presentations that went especially well? How about aspects that could use improvement? Type up your reflections and also give yourself a grade.
    Feb 20 - Tues
    Feb 15 - Thur
      Take a try of the WebCT quiz
    Feb 13 - Tues
    Jan 30 - Tues
    Jan 16 - Tues
    • Read Munkres 1.1 carefully and write down any questions you have.
    • Choose 2 portions of problems to work on (ie like 2a and 5c) from Munkres (Exercises 1.1 p. 14-15). Be prepared to present your work in class.
    • Research the web for some information about the Euler characteristic. Explain why it is called a topological invariant instead of a geometric invariant, and give examples of the Euler characteristic of specific objects. Be sure to give proper reference.
    • (Graduate Problem) No path can be found between the seven Konigsberg (now Kaliningrad, in Russia) bridges, since this is exactly what Euler proved. Search on the web or in a library, find useful references, and briefly summarize why no such path can be found. Be sure to give proper reference.
    Jan 11 - Thur
    • Read through the online syllabus from the main web page and write down any questions you have.
    • Begin working on homework for Tuesday.