Final Project

You may work alone or with at most one other person: Choose a topic related to class
  1. Summarize what we did in class related to that topic, including definitions, main results, activities, examples...
  2. Typeset a professionally formatted proof related to the topic [You may wish to use Maple or LaTex for example]
  3. Create an annotated teaching bibliography, with the annotations explaining the page numbers and what in the source relates to teaching that topic. You should research and then cite from our text
    Resources for Teaching Linear Algebra by Carlson, Johnson, Lay, Porter and Watkins,
    and, as relevant, include information from the cd in my office:
    Historical Modules for the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics (Katz and Michalowicz, 2004)
    and from the book in my office Algebra Activities from Many Cultures by Beatrice Lumpkin
    and also include other print and online sources.

    Presenting your Project

    We will divide up the class into two research sessions and all of the projects for that research session will be up at the same time (with small groups of people walking around, like at Appalachian's research day, a science fair, or a research conference poster session). During your session, you must stand by your project and annotated bibliography (which will be taped to the wall) to present your timeline and answer questions (and your answers must demonstrate expertise of your topic). During the other session, you will talk to others about their projects and fill out peer review. If you work on your project with someone else, you will each be in different research sessions.