Dr. Sarah's Applications of Geometry and Geometric Thinking

October 14 - Efficiency Problems

Relating a cylinder, cone and sphere
Toothpick activity
Reflection and intro to geometric models (standards, physical models, analytic models, axiomatic models)
Strength and Efficiency of Regular Polyhedra
Geodesic Domes and Buckminster Fuller
Double Bubble Problem
If time remains, then begin working on homework 1

October 21 - Geometric Modeling in Biology, Medicine and Geography

Finish efficiency via double bubble problem
Collect and go over homework 1 via student responses
Solution to problem 1
Solution to problem 2 on Sketchpad
Sketchpad as a geometric model
Solution to problem 3 on Sketchpad
Comparison of analytic, axiomatic, physical and Sketchpad models of geometries.
T-Shirt Activity
Geometric Modeling in Biology, Medicine and Geography:
    Shape of our Earth
    Shape of the Universe
Unit Plan for Geometric Modeling
Homework 2 - Reflection